Many have wondered about Dave-chow, and now the information is finally available to the public. Read on, and wonder. Try not to laugh.

Dave-chow, in it's simplest definition, is simply what Dave eats. However, because of Dave's eating patterns, it can also be defined in terms of the actual food, since those patterns are very simple (Dave almost never eats out).

One bowl of organic multi-grain cereal with fat free milk. One glass of water. One multivitamin.
One sandwich - two slices of organic whole wheat bread, 2 ounces of low sodium turkey, 1 slice of swiss cheese, and a thick layer of baby spinach. One glass of water.
One bowl (half a package) of frozen peas, microwaved to a reasonable temperature. Roughly a third of a pound of organic spaghetti, boiled for seven and a half minutes in plain water, with substantial amounts of powdered garlic and some amount of grated mostly parmesan cheese. Two glasses of water

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